Vocal Health for Fitness Instructors

Do less to GET MOORE!

How can I be louder by doing less?
Speaking loudly just got a whole lot easier. Going back to “finding where you resonate” is key. Placing your voice in a higher, more forward position will allow your voice to carry without causing damage to your vocal chords.

What fatigues the voice?

Teaching fitness classes requires endurance, creativity, and concentration. With all the excitement in the room, your heart rate goes up and your breath speeds up. What if I told you that breath is causing the fatigue.

Here are some techniques to help!

  • Let the breath drop
  • Using Resonance
  • Hydrate!

What is breath support?

Breath support is about using your full body to create sound rather than gripping your throat. This technique will help let go of any excessive tension such as jaw, tongue, and neck tension!

Train with me to learn:

  • Vocal Fatigue Prevention
  • How to Project Properly
  • Breath Support

Ready to start?

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