Vocal Health for Fitness Instructors

Get MOORE from your voice!

Does your speaking voice feel weak after teaching fitness classes? Have you had to miss class because of your voice? Luckily, your voice is just another muscle you can strengthen with exercise and proper technique!

What fatigues the voice?

Teaching fitness classes requires endurance, creativity, and concentration. With all the excitement in the room, your heart rate goes up and your breath speeds up. What if I told you that breath is causing the fatigue.

Here are some techniques to help!

Male teaching workout class

Vocal Health Masterclass!

“I really enjoyed the session. It is clear that she is are an expert in her field. Lauren delivered the information in a comprehensive, digestible and joyful manner. There were a number of tips that I wasn’t aware of that I know myself and other instructors are already incorporating into our pre and post teaching regiments. I feel much more informed and had fun learning from her!”
~ Maria Macsay Director of Instructor Talent at 305 Fitness

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