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Lauren Mary Moore

Vocal Coachings!

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These coachings focus on vocal health techniques used to strengthen both your singing and speaking voice! In our sessions, we work on preventing vocal fatigue, breath support, and projecting properly!

Introducing Getting Moore

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Vocal health knowledge is the foundation we all need to have a strong relationship with our voice. Whether you are speaking or singing, these videos will provide all the basic information and exercises to start strengthening your voice!

Women in exercise class
Women in exercise class

Vocal Health for Fitness Instructors!

Losing your voice after teaching a few classes?  The same techniques used in singing can be used to prevent vocal fatigue in class.  Do less to GET MOORE!:-)

My acting website!

Check out my acting website to see performance photos and videos, plus breaking news about my career as a professional actor!

Lauren Mary Moore in scene from Havana!

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Lauren Mary Moore

Getting Moore Group Sessions!

Get a group together and experience singing in the room through Moc Auditions. Need to run through music with an accompanist? We will have one provided to record and sing through your material. Each person will have a one on one coaching to perfect their audition and widen their knowledge of the singer call! DANCERS ENCOURAGED!

3 to 8 people per class (the MOORE people the MOORE you save!)


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Audition Journal!

Keeping an audition journal to log down important info from every audition is a great way to keep track of your progress from each audition.

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It’s all there.

Whose performance career do you idolize right now? What actor/actress do you identify with today? What shows have they done? What songs have they sung?

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