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Audition Health Remedies

Staying healthy is the most important thing for auditions. With allergy season around the corner, I have great remedies that I take to make sure I am healthy for auditions!

  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – 1 tbsp into a glass of water or hot water with lemon & honey (or just take a shot of it)
  • GINGER – ginger tea, ginger chews, eating ginger, it all has endless benefits. Ginger helps with digestion, respiratory infections, fights bacteria, and it tastes good!
  • LOCAL HONEY (Extremely helpful for allergy season!)- When I say local honey I mean buy honey that is from a town close by to you. Buying Honey that is local helps fight the same allergens. I will literally eat spoonfuls of honey during the spring to fight off allergies.
  • WATER – Drink water! Lots of it! You can never drink too much water. Get a very large water bottle to force yourself to drink more every day!
  • COLLOIDAL SILVER SPRAY – Before going into any public space, spray this near your nose or on your face, this protects you from outside bacteria. I have survived off this, living in NYC and using the subway every day, this is how i protect myself from the germs.
  • STEAMER – Buy a portable face steamer at CVS or your local pharmacy, this is a perfect way to hydrate your chords before an audition.