Desk with cup of coffee, plant and pad with pen

Audition Journal!

Keeping an audition journal to log down important info from every audition is a great way to keep track of your progress from each audition. Every experience in the room will be different, from the way the room is set up to who is sitting behind that table. It is helpful to journal these things down because soon you may find a pattern.

The patterns I am talking about are as follows:

Casting Directors – Are you seeing the same faces behind the table? Remember their names and what you’ve auditioned for them before. (sheet on monitor’s table)

Accompanists – These NYC accompanists are constantly in the audition room, you will most likely see them again so make sure to learn their name! (sheet on monitor’s table)

Monitor – There are only a handful of monitors so be sure to introduce yourself and know that you will see them again!

Material – If you’ve performed for this creative team before, what did you sing or act last time? Did they respond well to it? Do they prefer a specific style? Keep track of things that work and things you may put on the back burner.

There is so much information that we are expected to know. In a life that is very hectic, journaling down this information right away will help keep you accountable and is helpful to the brain! You are all doing an incredible job, keep up the good work you beautiful performers!