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Hello everyone!

I went to the greatest party this week! Now this was not your typical birthday cake red solo cup type of party, but was still a night to be celebrated. A fellow nyc actress was celebrating her 100th day of reaching out!

Now at first, I didn’t understand what we were celebrating exactly. But the beautiful presentation and fun book giveaways made it the most inspirational NYC party i’ve been to all year!

“Reach Out” by Molly Beck

was the centerpiece of this night. Molly Beck’s book teaches us about the art of “Reaching Out”. This means reaching out through email, text, facebook, instagram, to someone different every single day. They say it takes 90 days to create a habit, so our friend celebrated her 100th day of her new favorite habit!

Why was she doing this? What was she hoping to achieve?

“It’s all about who you know.” Right? So now is the time to get to know people. And how will you do that? You can email them!

Her experience with this process has been incredible. She has received 3 acting gigs, met CAROL CHANNING and is now on her way to applying to grad school. Her enthusiasm and confidence in the trajectory that her life is going was so enticing you needed to be a part of it.

Well I am enticed and inspired! This is only day 3 but I am already seeing results! I am more accountable, I am open minded about opportunities, and I am reconnecting with people I’ve been meaning to for years!

Check out “Reach Out” and you are all invited to my 100 day RO party!