“Lauren is AMAZING! She makes you feel so comfortable in her sessions that you aren’t afraid to take chances and try new things. Her coaching and advice has improved the way that I sing IMMENSELY. She was instrumental in helping to build my book and compiled songs for every possible audition requirement. Her suggestions have made me more confident in the audition room and in my abilities. She’s the best!”

Morgan Terry photo

Morgan Bryant

Mean Girls 1st National Tour

“As an online fitness professional I often struggled with a hoarse voice and with projecting appropriately. Lauren taught me how to take care of my voice, not overstrain my vocal cords, and project powerfully and easily. I connected with her technique because it emphasizes the emotional connection to your vocal cords along with an anatomical understanding. I no longer suffer from chronic sore throats and my vocal quality has improved. I feel more connected to and have a better understanding of the true power of my voice, thanks to Lauren’s coaching. She is truly a gifted coach who I highly recommend.”

Headshot of male with Daily Burn teeshirt

Alex Diana

Instructor for CityRow Go and Dailyburn

” I did a 4 class pack with Lauren this summer in preparation for the school year (I was especially anxious about staying vocally healthy despite having to wear a mask while teaching!) and she was SO helpful in explaining to me exactly how the habits I previously had were affecting my vocal chords/longevity, but ABOVE ALL giving me HOPE that I had the power to develop better habits and break the cycle of vocal fatigue. Now I am going into this school year with confidence knowing that I have the tools and techniques that I need to stay healthy. Thank you so much, Lauren!”

Female smiling with flowers in hair

Sally Meaux


“Voice lessons with Lauren are always knowledgeable, fun and really helpful.
She teaches you not just a technique and how to use your own voice, but also gives you so much advice on how to take care of your voice, how your music book should look like, and how to dress for singing calls. She can always help in finding the right and perfect song for you in any style you need . She is so passionate and gives you so much energy. And her teaching methods and exercises plus your hard and dedicated work will give you great results and call backs !!! :-)”

Sasha Voight photo

Sasha Isaeva

NYC Based Dancer

“I have pretty severe asthma complicated by a vocal chord issue. For the first time, I have tried some actual therapy for it. Thanks to some impressive coaching by Miss Moore and the tireless hours she spent researching and structuring a regiment for me, I finally feel like I am moving forward. In a few sessions, I now have some tailor made exercises and go-to therapies I can use to get instant relief and to build lung capacity. Thank you, Lauren! So grateful for your dedication, professionalism, and compassion.”

Female with deer to face

Suzanne Johnson


“Lauren has a rare spark to her that pulls your passion right out of you and forces you to be better, become more efficient, and work harder.”

Warm Heart Life logo

Brandon Gaydorus

Founder of Warm Heart Life 

“We can’t recommend her enough! Lauren Moore is the real deal! So talented AND a beautiful person. You won’t regret working with her!

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WhatFun! Theatre


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