Lauren Mary Moore in red jacket with black hat

MOORE about Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore is a NYC based actress with a BFA degree in Musical Theatre from Pennsylvania State University. Lauren has been teaching voice and audition preparation for over 5 years and continues to find new ways to guide up-coming performers.

She began her teaching at Standing Ovation Studios in Armonk, NY where she taught private vocal coaching for young performers. She then transitioned to teaching voice lessons for fellow actors who wanted to introduce singing into their skillset.

She specializes in teaching basic audition technique such as finding repertoire and preparing for what happens in the room. She also focuses on vocal technique and the importance of vocal health.

Lauren has trained with some of the best vocal coaches in New York and hopes to take the skills she has learned to new students hoping to start their journey.

Lauren is looking forward to working with students of all ages who aspire to strengthen their audition skills!