My Goal for You

Getting Moore is all about prepping performers of all ages and experience levels to feel MOORE confident in the audition room. I started this business because I realized how important it is to know key information for the audition world and I know how vulnerable it can be to step into the room. I am here to make you prepared and enjoy the thrill of this incredible world of performing!

I use the following locations for training

Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave 10th, 16th or 17th Fl
New York, NY

Chelsea Studios
151 W 26th St 6th Fl
New York, NY

Shelter Studios
244 W 54th St 10th or 12th Fl
New York, NY

Audition Preparation Packages

45 minute classes

4 Class Pack

Class 1
Getting MOORE confidence!
What are your goals?
What is your type?
What are your dream roles?

Class 2
3 ​New Songs for your book!

Class 3
Mock Audition – learning the tips and tricks of a great audition!
Accompanist provided! (no additional fee)

Class 4
Refining Your Tool Kit
Headshot Recommendations
Voice Teachers
Master Classes
Dance Classes
Continue the work!

8 Class Pack

Includes classes 1 – 4!

Class 5
What to wear to an audition!

Class 6
Work through audition material.
Acting Moments, vocal styles.
Finding your specialty!

Class 7
Audition Tips and Tricks
Step by Step Breakdown
What to expect in the room
Who is in the room?

Class 8
Mock Audition!
Accompanist Provided! (No additional fee)

12 Class Pack

(Recommended for College Audition Prep)

Includes Classes 1 – 8!

Class 9
Commit to Pre Screen & College Audition Material!

Class 10
Pre-Screen run-through!
(Without videographer. Accompanist Provided! (No additional fee)

Class 11
Pre-Screen Filming
(Additional fee for video edits)

Class 12
Mock College Auditions
Accompanist Provided! (No additional fee)
What to expect during unifieds and on-campus auditions.
Parents Invited (Learning your role)

Private Lessons

NYC/ Skype

45 Minute
Accompanist Available by Request

Repertoire Coaching

Send 2 videos of you singing 
I will send 3 new songs to add to your book
Can request specific genres 
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