Female singing loudly wearing headphones against yellow background

The “right” material.

There is only one beautiful you, and what you bring to the room is unique to your strengths. When I was auditioning for college programs, I went through around a dozen different song choices in the middle of the audition season. I was changing my songs per school because I thought I’d adjust to what I thought each program would be looking for. As my audition process was slowing down, only 3 more schools to go, I decided to do the songs that made me happy instead of what I thought would please the people in the room. Once I discovered that I had power in this choice, it gave me confidence going into the room knowing that I am bringing myself into the audition. Listen to your gut, if a song, dance, or monologue does not make you feel like a superstar, that is ok, find the one that does. There are so many creative artists out there with material that will make you feel joyful and inspired, find what makes you feel best! There is no one else like you!